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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pretty Speckled Eggs

I raise coturnix quail for their eggs. Beautiful speckled eggs that are sold to 
restaurants  for gourmet  dishes.
They lay lots of eggs, more then I can sell.

A good farmer would butcher or sell them off till there was enough to 
just fill orders. But I just can't!
 You see, I raised them by hand.
They have known their friend hand since they were 3 days old.
They love Hand! They do not know the critter attached to Hand, they pay no 
attention to it. Only to their friend Hand.
Hand is a friend that drops by twice a day just to say "Hi." Hand brings them 
yummy food and fresh clean water.
Hand holds them when they are sick and pats their head sometimes, 
for no reason.
Hand tidies up their pen and gathers their eggs.

They rush to Hand when it comes inside the pen and talk to it, 
with soft happy chirps.

Sometimes Hand is a little rude and forgets to listen, so they peck gently 
at Hand till Hand pays attention again, then they go back to what they 
were saying.

So how can Hand hurt them?
It would break Hand's heart!

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