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Friday, February 22, 2013

A Bit Of Wild Magic

Update! I am so honored to have our creations featured on LivingFelt's Blog
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 Growing up on the mountain I remember that every now and then we would find a bit of wild magic.
The magic came in the smallest form, in the unlikeliest place. On the quiet side of the yard, where wild thyme grew and mossy patches made soft  bright carpets among tufts of bluegrass and wild flowers, we would find tiny bowl like holes in the ground. These perfectly round bowls would be no bigger then our cereal bowls and lined with bits of clover and soft, soft downy fur. Inside there would be the tiniest, soft as velvet little gray beings with big brown eyes looking back at us. A bowl of little bunnies waiting for their mother to come back and nurse. I am sure that my words cannot quite paint the picture of how incredibly cute they were, or how we felt as if we looked into the very eyes of fairies and angels, when we looked into their tiny world of clover and fur.
 As Spring and Easter approached this year, my mind kept going back to these sweet bubbles of new life and I longed to see them again. Below are photos of my handmade wild magic selling now in my Etsy shop.

Bowl of 6 bunnies & carrots

Bunny and Carrot

Easter basket with white bunny

Three peas in a pod

Moss green basket

Enough carrots for all

My carrot car goes sooo fast!

Mine is faster!

You can't see me!


Peek a boo!


John Marvin said...

Very nice. Is one of them Little Bunny FuFu?

trail walker said...

Whopped him on the head!