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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Shades of Gray and Dreams of Spring

Love Ewes in Shades of Gray
                                           Here in our mountain studio the snow drops are blooming, the temperatures are perfect for tapping and the fires waiting for sweet sap to cook need tended like new born babies.The winter has been so cold and yet so little snow, only shades of gray. I have come to love the gray, but I love the snow of winter too. Snow brightens the mind and makes magic seem possible and makes the cold worth enduring, without the snow then what is the point of winter! My eyes thirst for color and are constantly searching the windows and mountains for the first signs of Spring. Spring, the real season of magic and the season of babies will soon be here in the valley and oh what a season of color it is! I look forward to the baby lambs, rows of pink piglets and cows grazing in pastures greening with the warmth of longer days. Here are some of my new creations inspired by my dreams of Spring and brighter shades. And don't forget Valentine's Day! A good excuse for a splash of red in winter's cold shades.

"You Complete Me" felted soap

"Way Too Fluffy Family" felted soap set

One of many Love You Love Ewes

Our Love You Love Ewes were recently featured in the blog Lark Crafts, thanks to Shannon Yokeley for this opportunity!

Sweetpea The Cow felted soap

When Pigs Fly

Pig & Piglets

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