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I spend my time raising kids, gathering eggs, cutting wood, scoping out trees for tapping, making syrup in the last days of winter, watching my garden NOT grow in the summer, writing, wishing that there were more hours on the clock for sleeping.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sun Print Canvas Bags

Jumbo Massage Bags

These bags are hand sewn from 100% canvas duck fabric and printed with natural leaves and flowers found around our mountain home. Every bag is made to be beautiful and very durable.

Gusseted Deep Walled side panels 

Up close Front Pockets

Extra Wide Straps 

Wide book bag

Snap close side & inside pockets

Hand bag/ book bag

Long adjustable straps on the hand bags

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Do you know what felted soap is?

Maybe you have never seen felted soap. Felted soap is a bar of your favorite soap with a thick cocoon of rich wool felted snugly around it. When wet and rubbed for a few minutes in water the bar creates a lather thick as shaving cream. The bar will also last for much longer then a bare bar.

 If you have never felted soap before then you don't know what you are missing!
It is like therapy for your mind and hands!

Felting soap is fun and soothing!

Not to mention how soft your hands will feel after you have felted a bar!

Then there is the very beautiful soap with a built in wash cloth.

The wool has antimicrobial properties that keep the felt clean.

and works as an exfoliate to make your skin soft and smooth

                                                         Now you know what felted soap is!

Creative Madison & Youth Groups

Oh how we love to tie dye!

To get this

First we must do this...

Rainbow sprial

Pleated rainbow

A creation yet unknown 

Birthday Parties and tie dye

Any age can do this!

We need smaller gloves!

Rainbow spiral ready to bag and take home

Did I mention how cool socks are when tie dyed!

The heart is a form of the ancient Shibori method 

all lined up after a party!

The Crochet Rug Like Grandma Use to Make, Makes!

Up cycling! A new life for t-shirts and miss dyed ...

These rugs  are thick, wonderful and last for so long! They are very warm on the toes...

...or the paws!

Hammock Making

awaiting a bright rainbow!

Everyone helps, even the kitty!

Mother Nature helps

Even the back is pretty!

Cool Ferns pattern in the curing phase.

Hand worked, hand sanded hardwood spreaders.

Nylon hand woven stringers

Manganese brass harness hooks 

Stretching the stringers

Time to relax!