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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Listening for the Dragon Slayer

   I have heard the woods come alive in early spring. The awakening can be heard if you stand very still and listen. You might have to close your eyes and hold your breath for a moment. You will hear it, like a whisper carried on the cool breeze, soft tapping from far... near... all around you. Tiny drops of sap falling from the highest tips of branches that scratch at the lowest sky.  As sunlight warms the forest floor and thaws the dark soil beneath the blanket of  last summer's leaves, the tapping is winters last warning to leave the forest to Spring.
 I have caught a drop on my hand and wondered at the clear, watery magic of this blood of trees. Wondered at how something so pale and simple could be drawn up from the frozen, depths of dark earth to awaken a forest, chase away winter and then be boiled down into a golden syrup that warms your soul when it touches your tongue.
 I had imagined that this humble looking sweet water, was a true elixir, brewed up in some wizard's underground, crystal lined chamber at the center of the Earth. Then sent up through the stone and soil to slay what dragons may tromp upon the surface of the Earth. I had imagined that and then laughed at myself. Perhaps I should have believed more in flights of fancy.
Perhaps we should all believe more in the magic of nature.
 The news is now buzzing with the newly discovered magic of maple syrup and how it could help to fight cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Read more at the link below.
   I will listen again, for springs awakening next year, and for the coming of the dragon slayer.
 Maple syrup has 'champion food' health benefits

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