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Saturday, July 2, 2011

We Are the Collective...

 We are the collective, resistance is futile! We shall move as one and...

...we shall be afraid as one! 
Watch us move as the nine headed  beast called the collective.

Here we move through the raspberries together

through the cabbage as one and into the lemon balm 
We are the collective and resistance is futile.

oooooh, water!

BIGGER water... yippy!

Oh No! 
The collective has been separated!
 How do we get out of here?
We cannot be separated...we CAN NOT!!!!!!

Oh that's better! 
You four just stand there all day while we stand on Seven of Nine's back and figure out how to get out of here!
*yes they did have a cinder block and a ramp, but it still took them 45 minutes to decide to use it.
The good news is they are much smarter about hunting bugs & slugs.

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Anonymous said...

Someday the collective of dinner...