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Sunday, July 17, 2011

There was a moment, it stayed forever...

   There was a moment, the briefest moment when my slumbering mind would craw from the darkness of sleep to the brightness of waking  and my eyes were still shut. In that moment I would hear my brothers voice ...
"Wake up! Wake up!" 
he would shake me like a bag of beans
"Wake UP!"
his voice rippled with excitement and anticipation that could no longer be contained as he said the last word...
" is morning!"
It was all I needed to hear, my eyes would pop open and my feet hit the floor.
Morning was finally here! Oh how we loved morning for it was the beginning!
"Come on, come on," he drug me towards the window, but I knew the routing. Stairs were to slow, doors blocked your way. We had a day bright and beautiful to get to and as fast as we could. He threw open the screen of the window and we scrambled to the roof  and sprinted for the edge ...
Yes the edge, it was the quickest way to happiness. We didn't slow as our toes touched the roofs edge and we leaped.
There was a moment, just the briefest moment...
my brother's hand still clutching mine,
when our small bodies hung in thin clear air and time stood still 
 I looked up into the blazing blue sky and white cotton clouds and shimmering emerald oaks

...all the world fell silent and  I stared into the eyes of  a bright and beautiful day and thought
"This is going to be the best day ever!"
Inside that sparkling moment, that sparkling sky
I saw all the wonder that lay before us
all the wonder that was ours for as long as the sun shined.
In that briefest moment anticipation crackled and we seemed to float...
I could taste it, smell it, see it and I loved the excitement of what may come...and then our feet hit the ground and we raced straight into the
the bright and beautiful for we had so much play to do and rivers to splash in before the night claimed back our best day ever.
The best day ever that came every day.

The beauty, the excitement 
 streaks of colors streaming past

as we ran and...

...and ran through our bright & beautiful
I did not know that every color

or sound of whispering rivers

and splash of cold mountain water

would burn into my young brain
and shimmer forever in my dreams... that briefest moment when we hung in thin clear air.


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ramblinrose said...

Ok, really good. But as a mother did I know this was happening?