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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cool Thoughts

Weather got you down? 
Time for a picnic!
...a picnic to cool off your mind

before the gang bellies up to the table...

 make sure there is plenty of ice

and the glasses are frosted

                                                                                 those friends that need cheered up

 introduce them to those that are always stupid happy.

                                                                  don't worry if they don't get along

                                             there are ways to make annoying people disappear

make sure to check the temp of the playground equipment...


                                      ... your guest might be surprised! 

                                                                                    don't be on edge...
but if you do go over the edge

                                   just lay back and  relax. 
enjoy that time of being knocked flat out
looking up at the blue sky

get back up and take a long walk

...or stagger.

don't let the weight of the world...

bring you down!

                                                 even if you feel like you are about to break loose and go out of control... 

                                                                                                                                ...just roll with it!

and remember that if the weather gets too overwhelming... 
just bring the fun inside...

and try to chill with your friends!
Now keep saying to yourself...
"It's cool man! It's cool!"

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