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Friday, August 19, 2011

Rockingham County Fair, What Dreams May Come...

I remember the fair at the old location north of town
  old wood buildings painted with feed & seed signs on faded planks and the harvest moon rising gold high above the ferriswheel and corn fields casting the mountains in coal black shadows against indigo liquid skies.
 The scene was a story book page, a real life Charlotte's Web, a storybook I could live for a night. The images and memories of that old time fair grounds blazed into my young mind and haunted my dreams with fits of giggles. I had always believed there was magic lost when the old grounds were left behind and new shiny buildings replaced weathered planks.
Would the new location  build dreams and write stories for new young minds. 
I do not wonder any more.
To them it is still a story book that they get to step into every year.
A place where you can talk to animals and know they understand every word.

A place where you will meet a real life Wilbur

                                    Where a farm girl pampers her prize hog

Where you can meet celebrities
Snooki the pig

Where every turn turns a new page of the story
Prize winning pumpkins

                                                    and revel new magic never seen before 

Bees cooling the nest on a hot day
Bees going into the hive

Willy Wonka of honey making

Adult canning entries 

Blue Ribbon dreams for all ages

I'm so proud!

So very much to see and dream of winning!
The land of beauty queens ...thank you Miss Katie for your kindness!
Miss Virginia  Association of Fairs

Quiet time before the crowds

And then the crowds

Washing cows before show time
Fluff and dry

We should all be treated so good!
Ladies in waiting

Greeting everyone who comes by
My favorite little piggy

                           Dreaming of being Grand Champion ...

                        Meeting friends...

                                                                                                                                                                                                     ...and new best friends that love your stories!

Where we may dream to fly like birds...

                            What dreams may come...

                                                                               ... at the County Fair all dreams may come


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