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I spend my time raising kids, gathering eggs, cutting wood, scoping out trees for tapping, making syrup in the last days of winter, watching my garden NOT grow in the summer, writing, wishing that there were more hours on the clock for sleeping.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Toadally Cool!

So I was walking in from the back field just at deep dusk, thinking of how nice it was that it had finally rained again after so long a dry spell. I was thinking how I wished I would see a toad because as the climate has changed her with global warming we hardly see any like when I was a kid and my children have hardly seen any toads. As I thought this I walked around the corner from the driveway to the porch and looked down
there was a toad and I was in mid stride...
my foot landed on the board ramp and it hopped  from about a foot away landing right onto my foot and stopped...

...but of course I couldn't run to get the kids, so I yelled and yelled till they finally came and brought the camera.
He stayed there for about 5 minutes  looking up at us, turning his head from side to side, then hopped off and looked around at the circle of us.

Toadlly Cool!

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