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Monday, June 20, 2011

First Aid cooling neck band Life Saver

These very quickly made bands are perfect for reducing the temperature of a person in jeopardy of over heating. Simple wet with cool water and place around the neck or any area of the body where the vascular system is shallow to the skin surface like elbows or back of knees. In EMT training we were told to put ice bags on the back of neck, knees and elbows to cool a person in imminent danger of heat stroke or heat exhaustion. These have the advantage of being much softer and the fact that they cool with evaporation  as well as made cooler by repeatedly cooling under running water or put into a refrigerator or cooler. Because they can be made up ahead of time or quickly they can be ready in minutes to help those in need.
They are also very inexpensive to make and with a box of diapers and some pieces of cloth a lot of people could be helped for very little money.

I have added photos of how to make these with a bandanna.

Cut out the center of the diaper, it is like an envelope inside so be careful not to cut the long side just so the gel beads stay in better. No big deal if you do, just less mess when making them.
That is what you should have. Remember that diapers come in many sizes so this is a size 4, if you want a
 smaller band use a newborn size.

I tried them rolled tight, this worked but the finished band was somewhat stiff for wrapping around the neck.

Keeping the diaper flat start rolling.

Secure ends with rubber bands.

I poured 3 cups of water on this one to see how much it would hold.

This band soaked up the full three cups easy and does not drip when around the neck, but is very cooling.
The good thing about these bands is that when you are done or it gets dirty, just untie the ends and throw out the diaper core. You can keep a couple in a first aid kit in the car for emergency treatment of hyperthermia, just store in a zip lock bag and then pour cold water over it when needed. Can help to cut the cost of stocking your first aid kits.
My mother came up with this as she has suffered from hyperthermia several times and this has saved her more then once. Thanks Mom!

Tip! Here is an extra tip, when you want to remove the used core from the bandanna, open carefully as the gel beads may spill out. Catch in a bowl and then recycle by mixing into potting soil or garden soil-it holds moisture in the soil  and keep plants from drying out too quickly!

This is how much gel is in one diaper!


I was a welder and the company issue cool bands dried out very quickly. These will last much longer.

All that is needed is diaper, 2 rubber bands or string and a sock or bandanna, scissors. Trim the outer edge of the diaper off  leaving just the blue core. That is all that  is needed because the crystal/gel is right in that center.

Center  core cut out and ready 

Roll up the center and slip into sock

Rubber band both ends or tie with string long enough to secure around neck if needed.

Soak in cold water. This one I made in 3 minutes and soaked for 3, much less time then the store bought kind 

Make a bunch and throw into a cooler of ice water for mass emergency situations.


Judy said...

Thanks for the info. This bandana was just posted on the Monument Fire AZ FB page, to aid the firefighters battling a 20,000+ acre blaze that is threatening a fairly sizable town. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

These are awsome and work better, and longer than the store bought kind

trail walker said...

Thanks Judy! Glad to help and thanks for letting me know you got this...

Guantes De Vinilo said...

So luck to come across your excellent blog. Your blog brings me a great deal of fun.. Good luck with the site.

trail walker said...

Thanks so much! I am very glad to see your comment!