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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dance, dance... it is summer, don't be sad!

          The last day of school, the first day of summer break! How long this day has been anticipated, when finally, finally the planet tilts and fills our hemisphere with bright, stretching days and our children are free to dance across green fields and chase fireflies into the sparkling night! Free to sleep until the song birds awaken them on snoozy late mornings and spend long hours braiding daisy chains.

   Finally the day I have been waiting for is here and I must say that I am a little sad! Not only is this the day I claim back my children and start the long dance of summer, but this is also the day we say good bye to the teachers that have meant so very much to our family for a whole school year. 
Don't try to fool yourself and say, "Oh, they are just teachers and teachers come and go, not to be missed. After all we will just get new ones next year!" 
Don't fool yourself, they are so much more!
 For seven hours a day, five days a week we gave into their good care the most important parts of us, our  children! The single most important people in our lives we gave over and asked these teachers, without asking in words, to protect, to notice if they are sick or sad, to influence and guide, to shape their very minds and send them back to us without a scratch and even better little people then when we left them in their care. I know that I asked this much of my children's teachers everyday and not once did they let me down! So yes, I will miss them, to us they are like an extension of our family. Some we will not see again and that thought is more then I can stand to dwell on right now. 
Some we will see at the end of summer and for that I am grateful, but for now, as we start the dance of summer,  I will be just a little sad and then...

....we will dance, dance...
 ... it is summer...
                                       ...don't be sad!

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Anonymous said...

Yeh for summer and kids with no schedule and lots fo joy.