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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Margaritaville Hammock

Making the coolest hammock in the hemisphere 

Start with one fantastic canvas hammock sewn by one fantastic Grandma

Hire a crew of painters that work for cookies
(really they do)

Leaves & cut outs are sun ready

A sprinkle of magic makes awesome tropical water effects 

The sun starts to do it's own magic

sumac's give a tropical jungle palm look 

The oak leaves not so tropical

OK, fuchia is just pretty

Starry night

Lime green

Hand woven stringers ...

...on awesome solid brass harness buckles

Pressure treated oak spreaders and finally, finally...

...time to hang and stretch

sssshhhh!...weight testing in progress

stringers are beautiful when stretched

Now it is taking it's hammock shape
the only thing left to do is trim the stringers

Riding the USS Margaritaville to Happy Town

and most importantly ...

... the view from Margaritaville Hammock

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