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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Moods of April

"Spring is here! Springs is here!," my son sings out. "Do you see the flowers and the Sun?"
"Don't be fooled," my daughter warns! "Spring is tricky! Tricky like that rooster is. He will sneak up behind  and peck you." 
The next day she points out the window. "Tricky like the rooster, snow on the daff-o-dills. Come on, we must save the flowers." Every flower is freed from snow by gentle tiny hands. Soon they find out just how moody April can be.
Note the look of disgust on my sons face

                                            The moods of April swing crazy on our mountain.

                                                         Chocolate milk mountains streams, my kids say. I could hear the boulders crashing beneath the roaring waters. The vine stretched tight is still attached to a tree washed in from the last high waters.

The valley is spared no less as pasture lands are flooded.
The willows like this I think

War Branch and willow trees

Flooding banks of Dry River, yep, Dry River!
The moods of April, crazy April...

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