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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Yeah! That's Me! :) Want My Autograph?

   Last year I was contacted through my Etsy shop by someone asking if they could publish my reindeer in their magazine.


 Ok, at first I thought it was someone playing a joke on me! Who had I tricked lately that would want to pay me back? looks slowly over shoulder in both directions...
 as Pooh says "Think!
        That could be a long list!
                Well.....after a little checking I found out it was not a joke at all! Better Homes & Gardens Holiday Craft Magazine really did want to feature my snow white reindeer and so the journey began.

A journey that took a year. Yes, a year! Because you see, the fine editors of magazines are very organized and plan things out a year in advance. I know to many of you that might not seem impressive, but to disorganized me...well let's just say I am lucky if I can plan tomorrows events and actually come up with

1. An objective
2. A plan

3. A list to follow my plan by (ok, I am good at lists, but list for me come with a butt)

4. (and here is the butt.yeah I meant to spell it that way) Not losing the list!..Oh crank! I lost the list!

5.Scrap previous plan!

You get the picture! You see why planning something a year in advance impresses me so! What a wonder it is to me that these editors actually start perusing the craft sites, like Etsy, for ideas that would work for their next years magazine and that they do this before I have even bought one Christmas gift for this year. WOW! Only in my dreams could I line my ducks up so well and not lose them!

So, after many back and forth emails and packages sent, then a long year of waiting and me thinking the whole time...
           "I bet they lost the list that said  *Publish Lisa's reindeer in the 2013 Holiday Craft Magazine"
*really! I could see it in my minds eye laying crumbled beneath a table gathering dust and the photographer saying "Uh, weren't we suppose to do a shoot on something white or something? Oh never mind! Let's move onto the next one."

                     They really did not forget and they really did publish my reindeer! LOOK!
                                           trembling finger pointing down. quivering voice.  

shows girl at checkout counter. girl does not care &  says "uh..ok!"
and not only did they remember, they gave me the inside spread for their Merry Red & White section!
eyes get dewy. sniffle!
Here is the full spread in all it's glory!

 little disorganized heart soars. hopping up and down 

Yes, There is my name! I feel like Steve Martin in the Jerk. I AM SOMEBODY!!!!! My Name! (just don't mention that no one paid attention to him even then. let her live in the moment!)
I made those models...proud grin. more hopping up and down!
They even made my directions look like I knew something! Dare I even say they made me look...(whisper)...organized!
...and Lisa skips off into sunset giggling and mumbling to self about little white deer!


Staci (Crafty Staci) said...

Congratulations Lisa! I love your reindeer - they're so pretty!

trail walker said...

Thank you so much Staci and thanks for stopping by my blog! Your tiny witch clothes are too adorable! Nice to be published with you :)