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Saturday, March 5, 2011

World as Told By Boy.

As you read this, remember one thing, all I did was follow behind, take pictures and listen.
 I Listened as boy explained the world to a new friend.

                                                                  World as told by Boy.
"I like you too, puppy."

"This is the biggest play set on the play ground, puppy. It is the dominate play set on the play ground," he told her. "Just like the dominate dog in a pack."

"Your licks are tickley."

"It tickles."

"This is grass, puppy. Grass is good. Grass has sun on it and is good for lazy," he said.

"Come on, puppy, we're going to the woods! The woods are full of wild things," he whispers.
"Wild, dangerous things like poison ivy and green briers. Watch out for green briers, puppy. Green briers are naughty, very naughty!"

"This is a log, puppy." 

"Logs are for walking on," said boy.

"No, walk this way, puppy!"

"This is a dirt pile, puppy. It is my favorite dirt pile."

"Dirt piles are best for digging."

"These are leaves, puppy. Leaves are for jumping- into -fun!"

"These are sisters, puppy. They talk too much about dolls, but they give good hugs."

"This is my puppy, puppy. She has been a puppy for a long time."

"You been a puppy long?"


trail walker said...

Would someone post a comment so that i can see how this new option works,

ramblinrose said...

I love this. have watched it 10 times. Boy will miss his puppy when Uncle Steve claims it..I guess we need to look for another one.

Anonymous said...

With the boy on my lap as we read it again and again it is still too cute... Thats my boy.
By, George

Anonymous said...

Absolutly adorable!!!! Please don't tell me or boy that the puppy is temporary? Good luck with that. It looks to me you have a new puppy.